Wild Indigo

"Blues with a twist"

Wild Indigo kicked off as a band in 2013.

First some name dropping to illustrate the rich musical past of the members of the band: Fusebusters, Bluesmasters, Mrs Djizz, Chris Daniels, Clarksdale, Ria Valk...... Not to mention the places they have been seen and heard: Ribs & Blues, Paradiso, Melkweg, Musikladen, Tros Muziekcafe, Countdown, TMF Awards, and last but not least Shownieuws.

In short, a mishmash of styles, sounds and backgrounds.

Starting the band we had the usual hiccups, now Wild Indigo has found the right combination. Did you always want to know the true meaning of the word "rhythm-tandem"? Just listen to Jan ter Maat on drums and Jos van Workum on bass and you will get it. It is solid and groovin' and gives guitarplayer Andre Winkelhorst all the space for his tasteful playing whilst Cannadian singer Kevin Burns moves you with a beautiful voice in combination with his harmonica.

The music Wild Indigo plays is allways from the heart; catchy tunes -mostly about sad love experiences; what else?- so this must be the blues.

Wild Indigo; blues with a twist.

Wild Indigo

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