Jan ter Maat jr drums

Born and raised in a well known family of drummers.

Owns his own drumschool, active as a session musician but at his best playing with Wild Indigo.


You name it; basically it does not matter, his groove is everywhere.

Jan ter Maat jr

André Winkelhorst guitar

André Winkelhorst

André has been playing in bands with a lot of passion ever since high school. Allways trying to find that particular note that makes the music of Wild Indigo unique and tasteful. André plays guitar with a twist.

Earns his daily bread as a session musician as well as a guitar teacher.

André owns more guitars then his wife thinks is necessary.
Amplification: a unique set-up of Peavy-KLD-Orange.

Kevin Burns leadvocals, guitar, bluesharp

Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, Kevin came to the Netherlands in 1992. By now, he’s seen the whole Dutch venue circuit with bands like The Fusebusters, The Trebleshooters and Clarksdale. Influenced by –amongst others - Kim Wilson, Kevin now drags a whole suitcase full of mouth organs around with him.

Kevin Burns

Jos van Workum bass & backing vocals

Jos van Workum

Jos was successful in the seventies with folk group Deirdre; a hit single and an LP (vinyl was the norm way back then). Jos played rock, Americana, country and pop, but always seemed to return to the blues.

Since 2000 bass player for the Bluesmasters (these days BMaster), who – together with Ria Valk – recorded a remake of the hit Rockin’ Billy. In 2008 he did a live recording with Chris Daniels (USA), which was released worldwide.
He can be heard live on various radio stations and appeared countless times on TV with – amongst others - Laura Pausini, Trijntje, Ronan Keating en Phil Collins.
Jos plays on
Any bass will do, as long as it's a 4 string with no batteries on board and called Fender Jazz bass.
Amplification: Mark bass

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